Junior Ambassador Program

One of the fun things that we invested in was the Junior Ambassador program at the Laurie P.Andrew’s PAWS Center.                                                      We sent one of our young volunteers to a 10 week course in animal care. This is her report back to us:
“this is what I learned at camp dogs and other animals are special creatures here are some tips you could
use respect them
As of did you know that cats and dogs are very sensitive and you should never declaw a cat the reason
why is because that messes with there self-esteem and there are different types of dogs and cats that can go
to different homes such as puppies or kittens must have a lot of attention and older dogs and cats don’t need
as much attention but still need attention
And I also learned how to make cat homes out of the box it is pretty simple and easy all you really need to
do is put a hole through the box and then stick pipe fitters in it. And I learned how to make the boys all you
really need to do is get three pieces of fabric and turn them into a tight braid
Also all dogs and cats must be neutered or Spade so dogs and cats don’t have to go through the heart ship
of getting pregnant or getting another dog or cat pregnant ” Christine Zayas