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Grant From PETCO Foundation to Assist Homeless Dogs and Puppies

 MISSION, Texas.—Forgotten Friends Texas Rescue RGV today announced the receipt of a grant of $5,000.00 from the Petco Foundation.  This grant is aimed at assisting with spay/neuter of our rescue animals as well as others in need.

The most effective way to prevent unplanned litters from ending up in shelters is to have your dog spayed/neutered.

“Forgotten Friends Texas Rescue RGV is grateful to the Petco Foundation for their generosity and recognition of the importance of helping with our Spay/Neuter program,” said Christine Compton, President. “In recent months it has become increasingly difficult to find the resources and funds needed to help with these life-saving surgeries.”

Since we have completed many successful transports of animals to other areas where the demand for puppies and dogs is higher than the number of available animals.  We have also chosen to use a portion of our Grant from PETCO to help when we can.

 2016 Our Vision for the Future…
We envision a day when every adoptable pet finds a loving , permanent home.
Our Mission Statement
• To inform and educate the public of importance of spay and neuter, in order to stop animal abuse and irresponsible breeding and to encourage the humane treatment of all animals;
• To provide care and shelter for small dogs, including, but not limited to, veterinary care and foster homes if available;
• To promote spaying/neutering;
• To place rescued animals into permanent, responsible adoptive homes; and
• To transport dogs to shelters with high rates of adoption.
Our Programs
• Adoptions: Continue to post all adoptable animals on Pet Finder and Facebook
• Spay/Neuter Continue to support the community by helping individuals and small rescues with spay/neuter funds when available.
• Transport: Continue to get donations/support to transport dogs.
• Humane Education: Set up programs to educate all ages of responsible pet ownership.
• Volunteers: Continue to find Foster homes.

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Christine Compton
Forgotten Friends Texas Rescue RGV

PO Box 5013   Mission, Texas 78572

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